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NanoDay @ German Science Museum


November 22, 2014

NIM Nanoday 2014 Guitar(jpg, 754k)

22 November 2014

WMI scientists rock the nanoguitar during the NIM NanoDay at the German Science Museum.

The NanoDay was organized by the Excellence Cluster Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM) to inform the public on nanoscience in general and the the research activities of NIM in particular. At the information booths the visitors were able to do a lot of nano-experiments by themselves and in the stage program professors were explaining their cutting edge research projects. The program was completed by the comedian Georg Eggers who presented science with a twinkle in his eye.

The NanoDay was a great success with an unexpectedly large number of visitors. Rudolf Gross of WMI was contributing to the program with a talk on ''Die verrückte Welt der Quantenphysik'' and Hans Hübl and his team of Ph.D. and master students were presenting a life experiment, were visitor could play and detect the vibrations of a nano-guitar (see picture). <
NIM Nanoday 2014(jpg, 52k)


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