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NanoBeam nB5 Goes into Operation


December 08, 2014

NanoBeam nB5 System(jpg, 150 kb)

The NanoBeam nB5 Electron Beam Lithography System installed in the clean room of WMI.

The NanoBeam nB5 Electron Beam Lithography System has been successfully installed and taken into operation

Supported by substantial funding of the Excellence Cluster Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM) the Walther Meißner-Institute could replace its electron beam writer. The new 100 kV nB5 Electron Beam Lithography System of NanoBeam Ltd., UK, has been deliveredin October 2014. With this new powerful instrument the WMI has strengthened its technological infrastructure for nanofabrication.

The nB5 main characteristics are an innovativedesign of the electron optics and a high degree of automation providing high throughput and reliability. The nB5 is equipped with a thermal field emitter, fast deflection speed (55MHz deflection rate), fast beam blanking unit (rise time < 5 ns, 55MHz blanking rate), main field and subfield writing, and advanced vibration tracking design. The electron optics provides beam voltages up to 100 kV, beam currents up to 100 nA, and a theoretical beam size of 2.3 nm. After 3 days of installation and adjustments there was an initial user training for several days.


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