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Walther-Meißner-Institut (WMI), Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Chair for Technical Physics (E23), Technische Universität München

Spin Caloritronics and Spin Pumping
WS 2010/2011


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Wednesday, 10:15 - 11:45 h

Seminar Room 143
Walther-Meißner-Str. 8
Research Campus Garching

Date Speaker Title
Sebastian Goennenwein
Walther-Meißner-Institut (E23)
Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften (BAdW) and Technische Universität München (TUM)
Preliminary discussion and assignment of topics

This seminar deals with spin-related phenomena in solid state physics. It is aimed at graduate students (Studentinnen und Studenten im Hauptstudium, Doktorandinnen und Doktoranden).

The focus of the seminar will be on

1. spin caloritronics : fundamental and practical aspects of spin and charge transport in ferromagnets subject to a temperature gradient or a thermal current

2. spin dynamics and spin pumping : from the dynamical properties of spin ensembles to the generation of pure spin currents by a precessing magnetization.

Both topics have substantial overlap with magnetism-related research activities at the WMI and the TUM physics department.
Seminar talks can be given either in English or in German.

Topics for seminar talks in WS 2010/2011:

  1. Magnetic free enthalpy and the Stoner-Wohlfarth-model
  2. Spin caloritronics (magneto-thermo-galvanic effects with a spin)
  3. Magnetoresistance and magneto-Seebeck tensor
  4. Anomalous Hall effect and anomalous Nernst effect
  5. Magneto-thermal conductivity tensor
  6. Spin Seebeck effect
  7. Magnetostriction
  8. Spinning top versus Larmor precession
  9. Electron paramagnetic resonance
  10. Magnetic susceptibility from DC to RF
  11. Landau-Lifshitz-equation and precessional switching
  12. Ferromagnetic resonance
  13. RF measurement techniques (waveguides, cavities, and network analysis)
  14. Magnetization damping
  15. Spin pumping
  16. Spin transfer torque

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