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Name Topic
Dietlein, Maxim
Spin Seebeck Effect as a Probe of Magnon Properties
Ferdigg, Raffael
Fabrication of Heavy Metal/Ferromagnetic Insulator Heterostructures
Fesquet, Florian
Experimental Implementation of a Quantum Key Distribution with Squeezed Microwaves
Gomez, Adrian
Magneto-Acoustic Torques
Karadza, Emir
All-Electrical Magnon Transport and Manipulation in Magnetically Ordered Insulators
Lamprich, Julia
Optimized Geometry for a Compact 3D Quantum Memory
Lüthi, Carolina
Spin Torque Excitation
Rubenbauer, Korbinian
Controlling Magnon Transport
Scheuer, Christoph
Improved Fabrication Process for Transmon Qubits
Trattnig, Stephan
Quantum Memory with Optimal Control
Yaqoob, Misbah
Magnetization Dynamics and Chiral Spin Texture in Thin-Film Magnetic Multilayers
Zhang, Minghao
Tunneling- and Raman Spectroscopy in Cuprate Superconductors
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