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Chair for Technical Physics (E23), Technische Universität München

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Name Topic
Baum, Andreas
Untersuchung der verschiedenen Phasen eisenbasierter Supraleiter mittels Raman-Streuung
Böhm, Thomas
A Comparative Study of the Phase Diagrams of CuO2 and Fe-based Compounds
Chelwani, Nitin
Vibrational Investigations of Luminescence Molecules
Demharter, Matthias Johannes
Untersuchung des Wärmetransports in porösen Pulvermedien zur Entwicklung einer ökonomischen Hochtemperatur-Vakuumsuperisolation auf Perlitbasis
Eder, Peter
Quantum Information Processing with Propagating Quantum Microwaves
Fischer, Michael
Chains of Nonlinear and Tunable Superconducting Resonators
Ganzhorn, Kathrin
Spin Currents in Ferrimagnetic Materials
Häberlein, Max
All Optical Quantum Computing
Jost, Daniel
Momentum and Spatially Resolved Raman Experiments in Correlated Systems
Klingler, Stefan
Magnetization Dynamics in Coupled Photon/Phonon-Magnon Systems
Liensberger, Lukas
Direct and inverse spin-orbit torques
Maier-Flaig, Hannes
Spin Dynamics and Spin Transport in Solid State Systems
Pogorzalek, Stefan
Quantum Gates with Continuous Variable Microwaves
Schmidt, Philip
Nanomechanical Quantum Systems
Troshyn, Oleksiy
ReBCO-Schichten auf ISD biaxial texturierten Substraten für supraleitende Bandleiterder 2. Generation
Weichselbaumer, Stefan
Magnetic Resonance at Millikelvin Temperatures
Wimmer, Tobias
Spin Currents in Magnetic Heterostructures
Xie, Edwar
Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics with Three-dimensional Cavities