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Walther-Meißner-Institut (WMI), Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
Chair for Technical Physics (E23), Technische Universität München

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The research program of the Walther-Meißner-Institute is focussed on both basic and applied research in the field of low-temperature solid-state physics. The WMI research activities also address materials science, thin film and nanotechnology aspects. In these fields WMI offers a broad variety of opportunities for bachelor, master and Ph.D. theses.

With respect to basic research the main focus of the WMI is on (i) superconductivity and superfluidity, (ii) magnetism and spin transport, (iii) quantum phenomena in mesoscopic systems and nanostructures, and (iv) the general properties of metallic systems at low and very low temperatures.
The WMI also conducts applied research in the fields of (i) solid-state quantum information processing systems, (ii) superconducting and spintronic devices,
(iii) oxide electronics, (iv) multi-functional and multiferroic materials, and (iv) the development of low and ultra low temperature systems and techniques.
With respect to materials science, thin film and nanotechnology the research program is focused on (i) the synthesis of superconducting and magnetic materials, (ii) the single crystal growth of oxide materials, (iii) the thin film technology of complex oxide heterostructures including multi-functional
and multiferroic material systems, and (iv) the fabrication of superconducting, magnetic, and hybrid nanostructures.

For general information on the research themes and open positions for bachelor, master and Ph.D. theses, please contact Prof. Dr. Rudolf Gross (phone: +49 (0)89 289 14201) or the scientists responsible for the different research areas (see "Research" and/or "Members").
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