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Magnetism and Spintronics

Superconductivity and Superfluidity
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Magnetism and Spintronics
Organic Metals

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Quicklinks: Oxide Thin Films for Spintronics, Spin Hybrids and Spin Measurements

Oxide Thin Films for Spintronics

Transition metal oxides show fascinating physical properties such as high temperature superconductivity, ferro- and antiferromagnetism, ferroelectricity or even multiferroicity. The enormous progress in oxide thin film technology allows us to integrate these materials with semiconducting, normal conducting, dielectric, or non-linear optical oxides in complex oxide heterostructures, providing the basis for novel multi-functional materials and making them suitable for various spintronic applications.

PLD (png, 38k)
Y3Fe5O12 (png, 43k)
Fe3O4 (png, 20k)
ZnO (png, 87k)

Multifunctional Spin Hybrids and Spin Measurements

Multifunctional materials and devices unite physical properties which usually do not coexist in the solid state. We fabricate such multifunctional systems, mostly in the form of hybrid samples: Materials with different functionalities (e.g., particular ferromagnetic, ferroelectric, superconducting, elastic, thermal, or optical properties) are combined in a heterostructure or a multilayer stack. The corresponding experimental investigations are focussed on the modification and the controlled manipulation of the ferromagnetic properties in multifunctional hybrids and multifunctional nanostructures.



Magnetiker (jpeg, 34k) The WMI subgroup "Magnetism & Spintronics" in March 2012.