Parametric Multi-Qubit Gates

This project explores the potential of multi-qubit gates for quantum computing on a superconducting qubit platform. The main goal is to develop superconducting architectures and control methods to efficiently generate multi-qubit states going beyond the current paradigm of decomposing all state manipulations into single and two-qubit gates.

We design and realize parametric couplers connecting multiple superconducting qubits and investigate multi-qubit operations that allow us to entangle multiple qubits at the same time. We explore multi-qubit entangling interactions and evaluate the maximally possible number of qubits coupled to a single coupler. We aim to address the question if there is an advantage in using multi-qubit gates over traditional two-qubit gates in practical experiments. The devices and methods developed in this project will enhance the scalability of superconducting qubit platforms and the efficiency of quantum algorithms.

Filipp, Stefan
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