Niklas Bruckmoser

Room 129
  • PhD Student: Quantum Computing and Information Processing
  • PhD Student: Thin Film Technology


After focusing on Quantum Information and Technology while studying physics at the Technical University of Munich, Niklas Bruckmoser joined the Quantum Computing group as a Master’s Student in October 2020. Currently he is working on the optimization and fabrication of high-Q superconducting planar resonators.


Publications of Niklas Bruckmoser


Frederik Pfeiffer, Max Werninghaus, Christian Schweizer, Niklas Bruckmoser, Leon Koch, Niklas J. Glaser, Gerhard Huber, David Bunch, Franz X. Haslbeck, M. Knudsen, Gleb Krylov, Klaus Liegener, Achim Marx, Lea Richard, João H. Romeiro, Federico Roy, Johannes Schirk, Christian Schneider, Malay Singh, Lasse Södergren, Ivan Tsitsilin, Florian Wallner, Carlos A. Riofrío and Stefan Filipp


Development of a Fabrication Process for High-Coherence Niobium Qubits
Master Thesis | Technische Universität München  (2021)
Niklas Bruckmoser
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