Proseminar | Advances in Solid State Physics

S 2022

Within the seminar, students give talks on current topics in condensed matter physics. The seminar aims to give a closer look at new developments in condensed matter physics and to show how these developments can be transferred into applications. The seminar focuses on spin electronicsspin dynamics, solid-state quantum information processing, the physics of solid-state nanostructures, and high temperature superconductivity. These topics are in the focus of several research projects of WMI and collaborative research programs in the Munich area (e.g. the Excellence Cluster "Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST)", the Collaborative Research Center TRR 80, the DFG Priority Program 2137, or the EU Project QMiCS).

The seminar is relevant for the special courses on "Superconductivity and Low Temperature Physics" as well as on "Magnetism and Spintronics". It is suitable for bachelor students in the 5th semester or higher and for master students.

List of open topics for seminar talks in SS 2022

  1. Piezomagnetic switching of the anomalous Hall effect in an antiferromagnet at room temperature (M. Ikhlas et al., Nature Physics 18, 1086 (2022))

  2. Chiral cavity quantum electrodynamics (John Clai Ownes et al., Nature Physics 18, 1048 (2022))

  3. Evidence for spin swapping in an antiferromagnet (Weiwei Lin et al., Nature Physics 18, 800 (2022))

  4. Non-classical mechanical states guided in a phononic waveguide (Amirparsa Zivari et al., Nature Physics 18, 789 (2022))

  5. Steady-State Heat Transport and Work With a Single Artificial Atom Coupled to a Waveguide: Emission Without External Driving (Yong Lu et al., PRX Quantum 3, 020305 (2022))

  6. Magnifying Quantum Phase Fluctuations with Cooper-Pair Pairing (W.C. Smith et al., Phys. Rev. X 12, 021002 (2022))

  7. Steady Floquet–Andreev states in graphene Josephson junctions (Sein Park et al., Nature 603, 421-426 (2022))

  8. Emission of Photon Multiplets by a dc-Biased Superconducting Circuit (G. C. Ménard et al., Phys. Rev. X 12, 021006 (2022))

  9. Scaling of the strange-metal scattering in unconventional superconductors (Jie Yuan et al., Nature 602, 431 (2022))

  10. Fermi surface transformation at the pseudogap critical point of a cuprate superconductor (Yawen Fang et al., Nature Physics (2022))

  11. Mott-Driven BEC-BCS Crossover in a Doped Spin Liquid Candidate κ−(BEDT−TTF)4Hg2.89Br8 (Y. Suzuki et al., Phys. Rev. X 12, 011016 (2022))

  12. Optical interface for a hybrid magnon-photon resonator (Banoj Kumar Nayak, et al., Appl. Phjys. Lett. 120, 062404 (2022))

  13. Extremely long-range, high-temperature Josephson coupling across a half-metallic ferromagnet (D. Sanchez-Manzano et al., Nature Materials 21, 188-194 (2022))

  14. Supercurrent rectification and magnetochiral effects in symmetric Josephson junctions (C. Baumgartner et al., Nature Nanotechnology 17, 39-44 (2022))

  15. Superconducting electro-mechanics to test Diósi–Penrose effects of general relativity in massive superpositions (M. F. Gely et al., AVS Quantum Sci. 3, 035601 (2021))

  16. Detecting spins by their fluorescence with a microwave photon counter (E. Albertinale et al., Nature 600, 434-438 (2021))

  17. Direct Imaging of Current-Induced Antiferromagnetic Switching Revealing a Pure Thermomagnetoelastic Switching Mechanism in NiO (H. Meer et al., Nano Lett. 21, 114 (2021))

  18. Magnetic order of Dy3+ and Fe3+ moments in antiferromagnetic DyFeO3 probed by spin Hall magnetoresistance and spin Seebeck effect (G.R. Hoogeboom et al., Phys. Rev. B 103, 134406 (2021))

  19. Quantum Simulation of the Bosonic Creutz Ladder with a Parametric Cavity (Jimmy S. C. Hung et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 127, 100503 (2021))

  20. Experimental Realization of a Protected Superconducting Circuit Derived from the 0–p Qubit (András Gyenis et al., PRX Quantum 2, 010339 (2021))

  21. Unconventional quantum vortex matter state hosts quantum oscillations in the underdoped high-temperature cuprate superconductors (Yu-Te Hsu et al., PNAS 118, e2021216118 (2021))

  22. Landau quantization and highly mobile fermions in an insulator (Pengjie Wang et al., Nature 589, 225–229 (2021))

  23. Linear-in temperature resistivity from an isotropic Planckian scattering rate (Gaël Grissonnanche, et al., Nature 595, 667-672 (2021))

  24. Incoherent transport across the strange-metal regime of overdoped cuprates (J. Ayres et al., Nature 595, 661-666 (2021))

  25. Highly tunable junctions and non-local Josephson effect in magic-angle graphene tunnelling devices (Daniel Rodan-Legrain et al., Nature Nanotechnology 16, 769 (2021))


Lecture notes
Slides Tuesday Seminar 2022-05-17 Loy
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Slides Tuesday Seminar 2022-05-31 Sinz
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Slides Tuesday Seminar 2022-06-14 Kügle
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Slides Tuesday Seminar 2022-06-21 Muzychko
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Slides Tuesday Seminar 2022-07-19 Alshoor
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Tuesday, 26.04.2022, 10:15 - 11:15
Preliminary discussion and assignment of topics
Tuesday, 03.05.2022, 10:15 - 11:15
Preliminary discussion and assignment of topics
Tuesday, 17.05.2022, 10:15 - 11:15
Sebastian Loy: Layer-by-Layer Growth of Complex-Shaped Three-Dimensional Nanostructures with Focused Electron Beams
Advisor: Rudolf Gross
Tuesday, 31.05.2022, 10:15 - 11:15
Björn Sinz: Quantum anomalous Hall octet driven by orbital magnetism in bilayer graphene
Advisor: Matthias Opel
Tuesday, 14.06.2022, 10:15 - 11:15
Markus Kügle: Antiferromagnetic half-skyrmions and bimerons at room temperature
Advisor: Stephan Geprägs
Tuesday, 21.06.2022, 10:15 - 11:15
Herman Muzychko: Pauli-limit violation and re-entrant superconductivity in moiré graphene
Advisor: Mark Kartsovnik
Tuesday, 19.07.2022, 10:15 - 11:15
Maryam Alashoor: Observation of the antiferromagnetic spin Hall effect
Advisor: Matthias Althammer