Dr. Daniel Schwienbacher

  • Alumnus/Alumna: Quantum Systems


Daniel Schwienbacher was member of the Gross group at WMI as a master and Ph.D. stundent between 2015 and 2021.

Master Thesis: Circuit Nano-electromechanics, Transmon Qubits, Nano-strings and Resonators (May 2016)
Ph.D. Thesis: Coupling phenomena in Nanomechanical Hybrid Systems  (March 2021)

Daniel Schwienbacher was working on solid-state based hybrid quantum systems. He left WMI in July 2021 to join the Fundamental Quantum Technologies Laboratory, School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, of the UNSW, Sydney, Australia.


Publications of Dr. Daniel Schwienbacher


PHD Thesis | Technische Universität München  (2021)
Schwienbacher, Daniel
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